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How Do I Know If I Need a Sex & Intimacy Coach?

What is a Sex & Intimacy Coach?

A sex and intimacy coach is a trained professional who helps you with sexual issues by guiding you through a series of tools and practices to reach your desired sexual goals.  This can include determining what turns you on and off, improving your sexual functioning, finding the confidence to realize your sexual desires, etc. They can help demystify sex and break through feelings of shame, help you become a better partner or lover through self improvement and can also help you clear away the negativity around past experiences so that you can move forward.

Sex and intimacy coaching can help you discover your sexual self, help you understand your body and your partner’s body, build confidence and learn new skills to make the most out of your sexual experiences.  Whether you are experienced or not, sex is a learned art that can always be enhanced or improved.  My goal as your coach is to help guide you based on the goals you have set for your sex life and relationship.   

Is Sex coaching the same as sex therapy?

The two are similar, but not the same.  To be a sex therapist, one needs to have a degree in psychotherapy, theology, social work, or medicine. Each of these foundational trainings will include only a small amount of training around sexuality. A sex therapist may augment this training with additional sexuality training. Sex therapy can often be a longer process where you dive into the childhood underpinnings of your emotional challenges around sex. It is often particularly helpful to those who have unresolved trauma or higher levels of dysfunction.

How do i know if sex & intimacy coaching is for me?

If you are not fully satisfied with your sexual or romantic life, if you feel stagnated or frustrated in your relationships, or if you feel unsatisfied with your current sexual or romantic situation then you should work with a sex and intimacy coach. If your sex life can be improved (and whose can’t?) then you are a great candidate for sex coaching!

What are some common conerns addressed with coaching?
  • Low libido
  • Body image
  • Relationship style
  • Couples’ exploration
  • Mismatched desire
  • Communication
  • Performance anxiety
  • Orgasm difficulty
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Ejaculation Issues

Discovery Call

In this 30-minute session we will get to the root of your concerns in your sex and intimacy journey, explore past practices that may have hindered your success, and prepare for the next steps to enhance your intimate life.

Strategy Call

We’ve discussed the issues now it time to create solutions. In this 60-minute session we will work on setting realistic goals, teaching you how to incorporate healthy techniques, and discuss guide exercises and activities that can enhance your success. 


  • An initial Discovery Call session must be scheduled prior to booking this service

The “Check In” Call

You’ve got the tools now it’s time to put them to work! Having the tools is only part of the journey actually putting them to practice is where the magic begins. We are here for you on this journey and want to see you succeed. We also know life happens and sometimes it can be challenging to start this journey and continue what you’ve started.

Set up bi-weekly 60-minute check-in calls to troubleshoot any issues and keep you encouraged on your sexual empowerment journey.


  • An initial Discovery and Strategy calls must be scheduled prior to booking this service