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Discovery Call

In this 30-minute session we will get to the root of your concerns in your sex and intimacy journey, explore past practices that may have hindered your success, and prepare for the next steps to enhance your intimate life.

Strategy Call

We’ve discussed the issues now it time to create solutions. In this 60-minute session we will work on setting realistic goals, teaching you how to incorporate healthy techniques, and discuss guide exercises and activities that can enhance your success. *An initial Discovery Call session must be scheduled prior to booking this service

The "Check In" Call

You’ve got the tools now it’s time to put them to work! Having the tools is only part of the journey actually putting them to practice is where the magic begins. We are here for you on this journey and want to see you succeed. We also know life happens and sometimes it can be challenging to start this journey and continue what you’ve started. Set up bi-weekly 60-minute check-in calls to troubleshoot any issues and keep you encouraged on your sexual empowerment journey. *An initial Discovery and Strategy calls must be scheduled prior to booking this service