About Bridget

Sex & Intimacy Empowerment Coach

Hi there!  I’m Bridget Bray and I’m a Certified Sex and Intimacy Empowerment Coach.  My goal is to help women, men and couples to explore their sexuality and empower them to overcome any obstacles they may be facing in their intimate life.

Bridget Bray 

It brings me joy to help guide and support others to discover their sexual needs and desires so that they can better themselves and their relationships for a happier lifestyle.  The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping women, men and couples identify the core challenges and setbacks in your relationship and sex life, and overcome them with confidence.  I specialize in helping couples that are married or in long-term relationships reignite their passion and keep it spicey and strong! 

I am a proud wife to my wonderful hubby and mom to my two wonderful kiddos.  With my degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, I’ve always been interested in the body, how it works and how I could help others!   Growing up with little guidance in the sexual realm, I decided to do my own research. I found Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties and decided to join!  I began learning more about sexual health and intimacy for myself and to share with my party guests.   I then became clinically certified as a Sexuality Coach through the Dr. Rachael Institute! 

“I never thought that sex was wrong, sinful, dirty. When you take away the thought of things being dirty or forbidden, then you can really enjoy your sensuality.”

Gioconda Belli

Why do I coach?

Growing up, I wasn’t taught about sexuality.  It was just understood that it’s wrong until you’re married… and you better not bring home any babies!   That’s all I got.  That’s all a lot of people get growing up.  And the funny thing is no one ever actually tells you what to expect even after you are married, only that it’s a necessity.  Sexuality is a normal part of everyone’s life.  My goal is to educate and empower you to explore your sexuality, learn about your own personal pleasures and have fun safely exploring it with by yourself or with your partner!  

Relationships can have their ups and downs, but you can definitely overcome any obstacles as long as both partners are open and willing to commit to the process.  Let me help you create actionable plans to guide you through the tough times so that your intimate life can soar to the next level!